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Post COVID19 world

Unfortunately we didn’t get the Zombie Apocalypse we were all secretly hoping for, but fortunately many restrictions have been eased and even lifted here in NB.

We are very proud that our working from home business model has survived these trying times where many other small businesses went under. I want to thank everyone that has purchased our Trail Gear during this time and kept us busy and sane and welcome you all to the NBX Squad!

We are also pleased to be able to announce that we are able to host events, provided groups are no larger than 10 people at this time. With closed borders, this means right now we may only link up with New Brunswick residents. All attendees will be required to still adhere to social distancing guidelines and have hand sanitizer readily available. We are not asking anyone to wear face masks and we ourselves also are not wearing any. If this is an issue to you, then you don’t have to attend our events at this time, this is your choice, just letting you know in case this was something you were wondering about.

Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions about anything event related that you may have.

Cheers, hopefully see you all on the trails sometime!


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