Limited numbers of products will be made available on each Wednesday at 0900hrs EST. For the time being this system of a single weeks worth of items will be updated as build goals are met. This is an effort to ensure we do not fall into the trap of over extending ourselves and having customers wait in-excess of 2 weeks, as well it will ensure we don't get caught in the position of being short a few items of material or hardware in the event suppliers have further stock or shipping issues, as we have seen multiple times since April. The Garbage And Recycling Bag (G.A.R.B.) has been developed for increased functional storage; with six d-rings along the upper-inside rim, allowing for the perfect securing of two seperate bags, eliminating bag sag and keeping your G.A.R.B. itself clean. It features drain holes in the bottom so that water can drain out after either a spill inside or a water crossing. Made with 1000D Cordura Nylon, the bag is water resistant, resistant to tearing and abbrasive damage, and has better colour fastness than other fabrics. To ensure the toughest quality, each bag is handmade with extremely strong UV and rot resistant, treated thread, thick buckles and polyester straps. We proudly make this bag in house with most colour options being built with NAFTA friendly CORDURA nylon purchased from Indiana, Ontario or Alberta. It can easily carry up to 75 lbs. of gear inside. The design has been made with multifunctionality in mind. We wanted a bag that would not only carry out your garbage, but also an arm load of firewood, extra gear or even fuel/water tanks. Our design allows you to carry traction boards between the bag and spare tire, without having to loosen the mounting straps for access. This streamlined design reduces cost, makes for a cleaner look, and by incorporating our Chain Saw Bag style mounting straps, there is no reliance on the plastic buckles for strength - all weight is put on the webbing, with a break strength of over 1300lbs. Sizes available; Regular (22" wide back panel) and Narrow (17" wide to fit many roof rack ladders). All sizes may appear larger when empty as the 8" bottom (7" for narrow) panel allows more filling room, but hangs down when empty. Available in the following colours: OliveD, Tan, Black, Red, Coyote Brown and Navy. Thanks for your patience as we caught up on last months orders! We are ready to do another product drop, in limited numbers to ensure we keep lead times down! Please expect anywhere from 2-4 weeks for your bag to arrive, as we allow up to 2 weeks for production with our many colour variants, and there are some delays in Canadian and US shipping systems at this time, particularly with USPS (we are exploring alternatives for US customers). Limited 3 year Warranty: If anything on it breaks, rips or tears, based on regular use and wear and tear, ship it back and we will fix it! Just pay return shipping to us. Bear attacks or obvious signs of mis-use are not covered by this warranty. Note: For all ORANGE and RED GARBs, we highly recommend UV treatment to reduce sun fade. MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO: HERE

G.A.R.B. (Spare Tire Bag)

  • Care Instructions

    Nylon is known for its strength, abbrasive resistance, weather resistance and durability in contact with oils and chemicals.


    Our Products are made with high-quality CORDURA nylon and PVC lined fabric held together with UV and ROT treated thread.  Like any fabric, the sun and UV rays will lead to fade over time and intensity of exposure. Some ways to preserve your GARB include, removing it when not in use and hosing it down to remove sand and dust from getting embedded into the fabric, buckles and webbing. 


    We recommend treating your item made with Cordura nylon, with 303 Fabric Guard.  It is safe on plastics, natural and synthetic fabrics, and will maintain the colourfastness, resistance to UV rays, mildew and rot, as well as the water repelancy of your item.  It is suggested that customers apply a light spray of a UV shield every 2 months of EXPOSURE to keep their colour longest.  We use 303 Fabric Guard, but any UV treatment with an SPF factor will be beneficial, as long as it is safe to use on Nylon material 

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