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These mounts are designed to hold a 2.5 lbs Fire Extinguisher.

Keep your fire extinguisher close at hand so it is there when you need it. This headrest mount is designed to be within arms reach of the driver. It has been thoroughly tested in all off-road conditions. It won't rattle, shake loose or fall off.

We also carry the Roll Bar Mount option if you prefer to keep your FE in the back.

All mounts come with a black and white rubber patch NBX TRAIL GEAR logo on the main latch. We no longer offer custom embroidery.

***This design has since been copied by at least 1 other company that we know of. But if you care about getting ORIGINAL products, this is our own and original design, none like this existed on the market before we came up with this. 

Roll Bar and Head Rest Fire Extinguisher Mounts (The Original)

  • Keeping your extinguisher secure

    Please be sure to periodically check the tightness of your fire extinguisher straps and hardware. The headrest mount specifically is designed with its main strap to be extremely quick to remove with a flick of the thumb.  We have smashed this item and the jeep it is attached to around, agressively, and never had an issue.  However, if the straps locking slide is lifted it will loosen and you can pull the extinguisher out.  If moving gear around or before a offroad trip, like everything else, ensure the strap has not been hit, and explore with peace of mind!

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