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Wrap Straps are a simple and durable solution to holding your stuff. From securing a shovel to a roof rack ladder or keeping the rattle out of your hi-lift handle, to mounting your favourite knife on the roll-bar, these are strong. With double sided velcro portions, this product can hold a diameter as small as 1" and as big as 4". Currently offered in black, made from 1" wide polypropylene webbing and sunguard antiwick thread that will hold up to UV rays, rot and mold.

Fun fact, these also work perfectly as Jeep door straps when your original ones break and are a very CHEAP option compared to OEM or other replacement straps.

Wrap Straps

  • Shipping/Use

    This product ships as an oversized letter - typically arriving withing 3-7 days in Canada (East coast being the earliest) - as such, no tracking information is available.  These are not strength tested and are not recommended for holding items over 20lbs/strap, especially considering the nature of use for the vehicles we supply to (bumping and jolting off-road).  We will be releasing 2" wide velcro wrap straps in the future for heavier loads.  Please clean the velcro periodically if exposed to excessive mud and dust, in order to maintain its grip strength.  Use  to secure items over 4" in diameter  is not recommended as the smaller velcro contact patch significantly reduces its peel and sheer strength.

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