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All events are run on weekends and holidays from May – October based on popular demand. NB Expedition is only run at set dates during the summer, whereas all the other tours can be booked any weekend.

Trails are rated in categories of 4: NOVICE - INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - EXPERT



This adventure requires preparation and your vehicle needs to be ready to tackle the remote regions of this beautiful Province. Your vehicle and equipment will need to meet the minimum requirements, and you may refer to our recommended packing list as guideline as you pack for this journey, 

Trail Rating: Ranges from Novice to Advanced. Vehicle pin striping is to be expected. We recommend in addition to the min. requirements that your vehicle is prepared for a lot of water with things like extended breather tubes or even a snorkel (not necessary but can provide peace of mind). 

* Novice: Dirt roads, 2WD (stock)

**Intermediate: * plus 4WD, water, mud, tight trails (oversize mud terrains)

***Advanced: * plus ** plus 4Lo, deep water, hill climbs, rocks (modified vehicle required, recovery points necessary)

****Expert: * plus **, plus *** plus, steep rocky climbs, large rocks, deep water, deep mud. (All the bells and whistles) 

Minimum sign up required: 5 vehicles.

Maximum sign up: 10 vehicles.

Regular cost $150 / vehicle for the general public 

                       $250 / vehicle for vendors (businesses) that want to be featured in our series. 

NBX Squad Cost: $100 / vehicle. (If you own a GARB 1 or 2.0, you qualify for the Squad price)

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