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In 2018 NBX started out as a joint venture between Virgil's East Coast Overland and Nick's Explore The North, combining our passion for vehicle based adventures and custom products under one roof. Over the years we grew into a much bigger concept with an increase in video and gear production that complimented each other. Our customers have come to love the quality of our products and videos.


Nick has been the man with the sewing skill, while Virgil was the man behind the video production and brand marketing. Our main staple, the G.A.R.B. (Garbage And RECYCLING Bag) had been a piece of collaboration from the start with ideas from both sides coming to fruition and continuing to evolve over time. 

As time moved on and demand for the G.A.R.B. grew to a point that it took all our time and resources away from making other products and creating new designs, which has been Nick's passion from the start. Therefore we will continue in 2 separate streams. NBX Trail Gear will continue to offer and focus mainly on a NEW, completely redesigned G.A.R.B. 2.0 (Garbage and RECOVERY Bag) and new and improved innovative products.

This will allow us to meet the huge demand for the G.A.R.B. that we have never been able to meet, and also allow us to focus on furthering our own visions for the future.


Today, Chantal, (Starlight) has officially joined the NBX team as our medic and co-host of our YouTube channel, since she is a Med Tech in the CAF, being the perfect match for Fury on the trails, and she has been a huge asset in assisting with filming. We are looking forward to bring NBX Trail Gear along with Adventure Driven Productions to the next level in the future.




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