We are 2 full time Service Members that created North Bound Expeditions Inc. as a side project to create a platform to share our passion, knowledge and experience of vehicle based adventure travel. We love New Brunswick, the little known, yet epic overland destination on the East Coast, which is why we chose NB Expeditions as our company name; it is representative of New Brunswick, but also stands for North Bound, not only for our own direction of adventuring, but also for our American friends to the South. With tens of thousands of kms of dirt roads and trails that have resulted from a century of logging, this Province has a lot of hidden gems awaiting to be explored. It is very important to us to maintain and respect nature, tread lightly and leave trails and campsites cleaner than we found them. 

We have found that a lot of items on the market today aren't made to last anymore. Things are being made to fail, to be replaced and consumed at ever faster rates, all in the name of profit. Our philosophy is to make quality items that you buy once, pay a little bit more on occasion for a product that is hand MADE IN CANADA and that will last as long as possible. We try to keep the prices as low as possible and therefore a lot of items cost less than similar products on the market, yet surpass them in quality. 


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For inquiries about event sponsorship or promotion, you must first own at least 1 of our products to be considered for support. Then submit a request for support via the website contact form right here: