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Must own a 4×4 Off Highway Vehicle (OHV), Registered, Inspected and Road Legal.

Must have: -decent ground clearance – recovery points front and back – full size spare tire – Mud Terrain or All Terrain tires, no smaller than 31″ in diameter. ** Most stock Jeep Wranglers, Toyota 4 Runners, Tacomas, Land Rovers, FJ Cruisers, Xterras etc. will be suitable to partake in most of our overland tours.**


First Aid Kit – Fire Extinguisher – Suitable camping gear – tools for your vehicle to change a tire and conduct basic maintenance in case of an emergency.


Recovery equipment, Skid Plates, Hi-Lift, a winch, traction mats, or recovery straps – Air Compressor – Roof Top Tent  – stove – cooler/fridge – spare parts – Fuel cans – Water cans – CB Radio - GMRS Radio etc. 


(items marked with an * are recommended)

Besides the usual stuff people tend to pack for summer camping, a few items that we recommend for this event in particular and those that are required are listed below:

  • Winch

  • Water sandals*

  • Swim wear*

  • Insect repellant

  • Area bug spray*

  • Tick collars for your pets*

  • Rain gear*

  • Long sleeve and pants and closed shoes / boots

  • Chainsaw (with fuel and tools)

  • Pioneer Tools (axe, shovel, hand saw)

  • Off the ground fire pit*

  • Canadian Dollars ($50-100 cash)*

  • Sunscreen*

  • Mesh for windows (if you plan on sleeping in your vehicle)*

  • Notepad, pen / pencil

  • GPS

  • Map book

  • Means to carry out a few days worth of garbage (ex: G.A.R.B. or Trasharoo)

  • Tent

  • Hi-Lift Jack

  • Recovery Straps 

  • D-Rings or Soft Shackles

  • Snatch Block

  • Life Jacket *

  • First Aid Kit

  • Rope / Para Cord

A little help from fellow team mates _la
It's called a CHALLENGE  for a reason 😉
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