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GARB Kitchen Accessory

GARB Kitchen Accessory

This NBX original design kitchen roll has simplicity in mind. Made to provide a place to store and hold your utensils while you cook at your tailgate in your vehicle, as most us do, this kitchen roll clips directly into your GARB 2.0+ lid! While it’s rolled up and stored away, this kitchen roll will keep your cutlery and utensils neatly in one spot and won’t rattle! Arrive at camp, unroll, clip in and cook!


It features cutlery slots, spots for tongs and larger utensils as well as a hook to clip a plastic bag for garbage so you don’t always have to run around to the other side of the tire to throw bits and pieces out while you cook. This was in fact the inspiration that led me to design this item. As with all our products, this developed out of a need that we identified while out traveling.


Select your buckle size as some GARBs have 2” buckles while others have 1.5”. This is important to ensure your kitchen roll is compatible with your GARB 2.0+


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