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NB Expedition Challenge



The NB Expedition Challenge is an overland challenge held in New Brunswick, Canada. The event is set over the span of 3 days. Teams will compete in various challenges that will test your skills in fieldcraft, navigation, off-road driving and more. 

Teams: Each team will consist of 2 - 3 vehicles. The composition is up to you. For safety reasons, a navigator/copilot is recommended for all vehicles, but only mandatory in at least 1 of the vehicles. Number of passengers does not matter.  

Jeeps in mountains New Brunswick


Teams will depart to their respective challenges in a Round Robin style fashion. Each challenge is dispersed throughout the region, that means that no matter the daily challenge, getting to your event will always be part of it

This year teams will be faced with many more challenges than in previous years. Not all events will be made known, being prepared for the unknown and tackling a challenge with what you have is part of the game, therefore certain equipment is required, which will be inspected upon registration. See REQUIREMENTS below for details! 

Any navigational aid of your choice is permitted. We highly recommend the use of the Gaia App for this purpose as a backup. A copy of a Backroad Map Book will be provided to each team as primary source to navigate. NB is a giant maze of logging routes and getting lost is very easy. 



The event is all TIME based. Each challenge has a start and end time. At the end of the 3 days, the team with the shortest overall time will be the winners of the CASH PRIZE (final amount will depend on the number of registrations). Time penalties will be assigned when rules are broken or required steps are skipped. 

  • At the event briefing teams will be given a binder with the rules, the schedule and any other relevant info. It is up to the teams to show up to their respective start points from camp each ​​day.




Vehicles must be equipped and up to the task. The following items on your 4x4 are required:

  1. winch, AND, D-Rings or soft shackles, and a. a Tree Saver, at a bare minimum as these will be used!;

  2. Tow points front and rear;

  3. All Terrain or Mud Terrain tires with no less than 31" in diameter;

  4. CB Radio or GMRS Radio;

  5. Jerry cans with spare fuel (1x 20L min per vehicle.) 

  6. Sufficient water for personal use;

  7. Full size spare tire on rim;

  8. Tools and spare parts for common jobs/issues.


Equipment that must be carried by each team*:

  1. First Aid Kit in each vehicle;

  2. Fire Extinguisher in each vehicle;

  3. A phone;

  4. One Backroad Map book or topo map and a compass, (provided by NBX)

  5. Gaia GPS app on your smartphone*; (recommended)

  6. Tent and camping gear;

  7. Clothing for all weather;

  8. An Air compressor; and

  9. Tools.

*A Satellite 2 way communication device, for example DeLorme inReach, is recommended for safety reasons but not required.

All vehicles and equipment will be inspected upon Check-In at the Registration Tent. 

Jeeps camping rooftoptent and trailers

Event cost is $200 CAD/ vehicle. The number of occupants does not matter. The team composition is up to you. Maybe more is better, maybe less is better, it depends on the challenge.  

There can be no refunds due to cost expenditure to prepare the event. However if you can't make it, you may carry over your registration to the following year or transfer / sell it to someone else.  


The winners of the NBX Challenge will have bragging rights and up for grabs will be a GARB for each vehicle on the team plus the CASH PRIZE!

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