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These are the actual routes plotted for this adventure, starting from the SE, making our way across the coast to the NW before coming back down to Port-aux-Basques.


Trails are rated in categories of 4: NOVICE - INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED - EXPERT



Dates: July 11-25 


For our main YouTube series in 2021, we are planning on doing a 3 day Cape Breton Leg followed by 7 days in Newfoundland. The overall trip will take 14 days from start to finish (NB - NS - NL - NS - NB). 

This trip will consist of a small team of no more than 5, maybe 6 vehicles. At this point we have 2, possibly 3 vehicles confirmed and our Ferry has been booked. We would like to extend this invitation out for anyone that might be interested in joining us and believes the following description sounds like you, to send us an application email to with the subject line: NL21. Please include several pictures of your vehicle and setup.

The Rig:

  • Street legal and fully registered and ensured 4x4 overland rig. This trip will NOT be hard off-road.

  • Equipped with all essentials for living on the road, cooking, protection from the elements, sleeping arrangement, either Roof Tent, Ground Tent, Inside vehicle setup or pop-camper style roof, or SMALL trailer.

  • Ability to carry up to 40L of fresh water, up to 40L of extra fuel (2 standard NATO Jerry Cans for example)

  • Spare parts and tools and the KNOWLEDGE to fix your vehicle's common issues or most likely failures, including a full size spare and a tire repair kit. A full list of equipment can be found here

  • Ideally own a GMRS radio, but if not, we can provide you with a handheld. 

The People:

  • You will appear on YouTube so you can't be shy or reserved when a camera is filming you do something or answer questions to the camera.

  • Be flexible and able to go with the flow, adapting to changes in the plan.

  • Have a good sense of humour and not be easily triggered by other people's behaviours unless they toss Bud Light cans out the window, then bring it! lol

  • Absolutely NO alcohol or cannabis while operating the vehicle. This goes for ALL occupants in the vehicle.


We will take applications until May 14 2021. Please include as much information about yourself and your passengers as you can, let us know about your level of experience and why you want to join us on this trip and give us a description of who you are. A short video would work too if you prefer! Don't forget to let us know what size hoodie you want and how many you need. Price includes 1, but additional ones may be purchased. 


The fee for this trip is $450 CAD. This is for the guidance and organization only, You are responsible to book your round trip ferry booking of one 16 hours overnight, one way and 7 hours return trip via Marine Atlantic Ferries which costs between $700-$1000, depending on the number of passengers, size of vehicle  (trailer) and type of cabin and availability, military discount is available for CAF members with a CF1 card. A unique Hoodie and T-shirt specific to this adventure is included in the $450 price! Fees are fully refundable up to 2 months before departure.  Once the order for the Swag has been placed, this cannot be refunded, but you will still get your apparel, even if you have to cancel the trip. You will still be required to pay for your food and gas and any other expenses that may be associated with this trip. Once we close registration, we will review all the applicants and select who we think will be the best fit to join our team on this once in a lifetime adventure. Note* It's possible for the Ferry to be fully booked ahead of time, in which case we cannot add any new participants to the roster. 

(Price may go up as the ferry bookings at this point still charge the 2020 rate. They advised me that the 2021 fees will go up, but didn't say when. Any booking made under the 2020 price will be honoured with no additional cost). 


If COVID renders this trip unachievable by June 2021, then we will need to cancel it and the funds except for the swag, will be reimbursed. You will still get your swag. If you need to cancel the trip for any reason, you may get a full refund up to May 14. 

SCROLL through the photos below!

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