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Recommended Packing List

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

We recommend the following items for a successful experience outdoors:


  1. Recovery Gear - Any combination of the these items: Traction Boards, Tow Straps, Snatch Straps, Winch, Pulleys, D-Rings, Soft Shackles, Shovel.

  2. First Aid Kit (Boo Boo kit and Trauma Kit)

  3. Fire Extinguisher (not just in case your vehicle catches on fire, also because you don't want to be responsible for burning down Canada)

  4. GPS, Paper Maps or Map Book

  5. Spare Oils (gear oil, ATF, Motor oil etc)

  6. Fuel. At a minimum carry 20L (5G) of spare fuel.

  7. Spare parts such as: Fuses, Filters, Belts, Nuts, Bolts etc...

  8. Full size spare tire

  9. Tools

  10. Hi-Lift

  11. Funnel

  12. Radio (CB or HAM)

  13. GARB or other exterior trash collection system.

PERSONAL Clothing:

  1. Warm weather clothes

  2. Cold weather clothes

  3. Rubber Boots / Neos

  4. Sandals

  5. Socks

  6. Underwear

  7. T-Shirts

  8. Shorts

  9. Pants

  10. Hat

  11. Sunglasses

  12. Work Gloves

  13. Bathing Suit


  1. Toiletries

  2. Towels

  3. Environmentally friendly camp soap

  4. Baby Wipes (multi purpose wipes)

  5. Toilet Paper (keep in mind needs to easily decompose)

Camping Gear:

  1. Sleeping Bag / Bedding (depending on setup)

  2. Tent (ground or RTT)

  3. Sleeping Pads or mattress

  4. Pillow(s)

  5. Camping Chairs

  6. Lantern / Flashlight / Headlamp

  7. Spare Batteries

  8. Bug Repellent / Insect Screen

  9. Bug Nets (personal wear or window inserts)

  10. Bungee Cords / Rope / Para Cord

  11. Cooler or Fridge

  12. Water (2 Gal / person / day)

  13. Shovel, Axe, Hatchet

  14. Chainsaw with bar oil, fuel mix, spare chain and a sharpener.

  15. Chainsaw bag to carry it / mount it

Camp Kitchen:

  1. Propane Stove

  2. Propane

  3. Pots / Pans

  4. Cutlery, Plates, Bowls (paper or plastic. Reusable is much more efficient and less waste)

  5. Cooking utensils (tongs, spatula etc)

  6. Paper Towel

  7. Dish Soap (bio-degradable)

  8. Travel Mug(s) / Cups

  9. Seasoning (salt, pepper, spices and of course hot sauce)

  10. Coffee Percolator or whatever means you prefer

  11. Coffee Grinder

  12. Cutting Board

  13. Griddle

  14. Knives

  15. Olive Oil

  16. FOOD

  17. Garbage Bags / Recycling Bags

  18. Can opener

  19. Tin Foil

  20. Wash Bowl

  21. Large Garbage bags and Recycling bags

This is a recommended list, a guideline only. No amounts specified. Pack accordingly to number of people, duration of trip and access to resources along your route.

Please list additional items that YOU have found useful in the past in the comments BELOW!

See you on the trails.

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